Windows Phone 7 Wednesday; Kindle included in top 5 new apps

Check out the launch of my Windows Phone 7 Wednesday application recommendation feature that includes the Kindle and eWallet apps with a couple of game choices.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I read on Twitter or on some other site that Wednesdays were a big day for regular updates in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace (apps are released every day too) so this encouraged me to start a new weekly feature in 2011 called Windows Phone 7 Wednesday where I give you my take on the top 5 apps released that week. I recently wrote that the Marketplace passed the 5,000 app level and we now see it just passed 5,600 apps one week later.

There are a ton of great apps and it is quite exciting for Windows Phone 7 owners at the moment. You may have found apps that you are happy with and there are WAY too many for me to even begin to cover all the good ones, but I do have my five favorites for this week of new releases.

  1. Amazon Kindle: This choice was a no brainer for an ebook reader like myself and as I showed in my video walk through the app is quite good and will bring ebook reading pleasure to many folks. The Kindle app is available for free.
  2. eWallet GO!: I started using Ilium Software applications many years ago on Palm OS and Pocket PC devices so I was quite excited to hear they brought their first Windows Phone 7 application to market with eWallet GO! I paid the $4.99 price and plan to start using it regularly. eWallet GO! is a password, account, credit cards, etc. electronic wallet application that lets you backup and restore via Dropbox or Google Docs.
  3. PAC-MAN: PAC-MAN has always been one of my favorite video games and now Namco Bandai Games bring this classic to Xbox LIVE. PAC-MAN costs $4.99, but you can also try it out and see how the on screen joystick controller works with all of the great sounds you remember as a kid.
  4. ESPN Newsreader: This app is based on RSS feeds from ESPN, but it is optimized for Windows Phone 7 and IMHO is much better than trying to browse the ESPN website. It is available for free and if you are a sports fan then you may want to try it out.
  5. Tower Bloxx: New York: Games are awesome on Windows Phone 7 and another Xbox LIVE title this week is Tower Bloxx: New York. It is available for just $2.99 and is a sequel to a very popular tower building game.

With the Kindle and eWallet GO! releases there are very few apps left I am looking for. A couple I can think of include a really good Bible application (come on Olive Tree) and Evernote (they stated a version is coming this Winter). What is missing from the Marketplace for you?

Do you see something else I should have included in my list this week? What are your favorite Windows Phone 7 apps?

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