Windows Phone Wednesday: PAC-MAN Championship and lots of Mango news

Windows Phone is passing up 16,000 apps and they just keep on coming every week. There was lots of Mango updates revealed this past week and Windows Phone is definitely an exciting operating system with lots of potential.

We still don't have a WP7 device on Verizon, but the rumors are heating up that the HTC Trophy is coming. We did hear a lot about Mango updates that I cannot wait to see from Windows Phone. There also some wild rumors that Microsoft might buy Nokia, but I wouldn't put any stock into those and sure hope that never happens.

This week we see the WP7 App Explorer site show 15,971 apps, compared to 15,047 last week while the Marketplace Browser site shows 17045. I think it is safe to assume we will pass 16,000 this week and the apps just keep on coming for Windows Phone.

There is no Game Room title launching this week, although the Xbox LIVE game that is available does gets its roots from such a game. PAC-MAN Championship Edition is available now for $6.99, which matches the highest price games on the Xbox LIVE service. I installed the trial and am checking it out. It is rather interesting to play the game with wild visuals and every changing environment.

The Deal of the Week is OMG: Our Manic Game, available now for $1.99 (regularly $2.99). I am surprised they didn't lower the price of PAC-MAN, now $4.99, so that people would buy both of these games this week.

I was browsing around Windows Phone sites and found a link to a woman on Channel 9, Laura Foy, who puts together a weekly Hot Apps show where she demos five of the best apps of the week. This week I saw her mention Wordrix and now I am hooked on the game as I try to get on the leaderboard.

While I try to organize my apps as best as I can on my WP7 Start screen, it is still a bit disorganized. I read a cool post on WPCentral about a way to create Live Tiles that can be used as Start screen dividers. Check it out and organize your Start screen.