Windows Phone Wednesday: Tentacles reaches out to WP7 gamers

Developers continue to roll out a large number of apps and Microsoft keeps releasing Xbox LIVE games on Windows Phone.

Microsoft sent along an HTC Trophy for me to use for testing out Xbox LIVE games on the Windows Phone platform and this week we see that Tentacles was rolled out into the Marketplace. I have never played this before so started with the free trial, but you can also purchase it now for $4.99. It is a large file so it requires a PC or WiFi connection to install.

The Deal of the Week this week was one of the first games available on the platform and one that takes way too much of my time for me to play. The Sims 3 is available for $4.99, which is $2 off the regular $6.99 price. Some people love The Sims so they may enjoy playing it on their phone as well.

WP7 application tracking sites have the number of apps currently just over 22,545 apps and 25,647 with both showing a fairly steady incline over the last month.

I now have Mango on my HTC HD7 and can't wait until all WP7 devices get Mango and we see some new hardware from Nokia and others. I am also now using a Samsung Focus with Mango and a Verizon HTC Trophy with NoDo.

I plan to get back to posting my top 5 Windows Phone apps of the week so please let me know which type of category you would like me to cover or which type of specific app (Twitter apps for example) you wish to see discussed.