Windows Vs. Red Chief

Stuck with a bore with a problem -or, actually, several problems- I dreamt of the ransoming of Red Chief - and chuckled at the wrong time. Ooops!
Written by Paul Murphy, Contributor

Last Friday I drove my mother in law's S60 to Calgary for its annual service - and while waiting for it at the dealership talked to a guy who was there to try to trade in his German yupmobile. According to him, they wouldn't give him a fair price -but then, the reason he's desperate to unload something with less than 20,000 kilometers on it is that it tends to die on the road: twice, he told me, on the highway near Banff.

According to him, he's had multiple software upgrades in the eight months he's owned it, but most of the time something - the built in phone, the GPS, the door locks, the ignition, something, doesn't work.

I listened, more or less politely - I rather had the impression he expected his daddy or some other old geezer acting in loco to fix the problem for him - but did manage to penetrate his egotism long enough at one point to cause him to pause by nearly giggling out loud at wrong time: something that happened because I started out thinking about the whole software by Microsoft thing in terms of the old jokes along the lines of "if Microsoft made cars" but then switched to day dreaming a different comparison: one between Windows and six year olds:

Windows Six year old
Reliability ERROR_SERVICE_REQUEST_TIMEOUT but Daddy, I am brushing
Can be trusted out of sight DNS_ERROR_RCODE_NOTAUTH But Daddy! we were just having fun
Cron ERROR_INVALID_OWNER but Daddy, Mommy said I didn't have to
Trustworthy WRT sensitive data ERROR_INVALID_MESSAGE Teacher: Who's got Show and tell? 6yr old: I do! I Do! Teacher: What is it? 6yr old (waving digital camera) I have pictures of Daddy chasing the puppy, outside, at night, in the snow, naked.
Well, on the positive side, I have hope for one: he'll be seven in a couple of weeks.

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