WinMo Handsets Get Facebook: Shhh Don’t Tell Your Boss!

WinMo Handsets Get Facebook: Shhh Don’t Tell Your Boss!Eric Everson, Founder MyMobiSafe.
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WinMo Handsets Get Facebook: Shhh Don’t Tell Your Boss! Eric Everson, Founder MyMobiSafe.com

For those whose lives have come to revolve around their social networking it would seem that Facebook recently got a new third party Windows Mobile (WinMo) app. This new third party app comes courteous of http://m.faceofmobile.com/. If you have been holding onto your WinMo handset in hopes that you could soon connect to Facebook just like the iPhone and Crackberry users then your day has come.

From what I’ve seen this mobile app is pretty cool (except for having to search each individual friend for a status). This seems like a safe app that many will enjoy. Third party mobile applications are sprouting up all over the place, which means that cell phone users must continue to be weary of what kind of content they are downloading. As a mobile security expert, I must contend that the easiest way into your handset is through the content you download into it.

For mobile hackers, planting malware into their mobile applications is the easiest way to ignite the wildfire spread they are looking for. These unassuming vulnerabilities is exactly what has incited us to start working on The Safe List at MyMobiSafe.com. This is a MyMobiSafe site feature that we will unveil soon, that is being implemented to curb the problems associated with unverified mobile content.

For those who enjoy the mobile lifestyle that cell phones afford, the FriendMobilizer (address above) may be exactly what your WinMo phone needs to keep you connected. For the others that just like to use their handset to escape from the monotony in the workplace, this new development may help you bide your time too. :P

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Eric Everson, Founder MyMobiSafe.com

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