Wireless ascends at IDF

Wi-Fi, mesh wireless networking, 64-bit desktop chips and the end of the BIOS are all on the agenda at Intel's Developer Forum in San Jose. A ZDNet UK News Roundup

Intel makes a mesh of wireless networking
With Wi-Fi in the ascendant, Intel is already looking ahead to a possible replacement Intel on slow road to 64-bit PC chips
The chipmaker is not planning to bring Itanium-like chips to the desktop any time soon, with substantial economic and technological factors standing in the way Intel breathes new life into desktops
Intel is readying new technologies designed to make desktop computing more appealing, despite continued sluggishness in the PC market The BIOS: End of the road in sight
One of the last and least loved throwbacks to the early days of PCs, the BIOS, is about to get its marching orders, says Intel Intel plugs new network processors
Manufacturers are beginning to tune into the network processor concept again after previous efforts failed to take off Barrett: Chips with everything
In his speech to the Intel Developer forum, the chipmaker's chief executive said that 2003 will see new families of chips, and continued investment in fabrication plants Intel to launch processor for handhelds
The chipmaker is set to announce a processor based on the XScale designed specifically for handheld computers Intel chips go their own way
Intel is set to outline its plans for the future at its developer conference this week, including the separation of desktop and notebook processors COMMENT: Rupert Goodwins' IDF Diary
It's Intel Developer Forum time again. Intel, always assiduous in such matters, invites a journalist or so from all those enlightened publications that cover the chip world, and once again the ZDNet UK lot falls upon Rupert Goodwins Tuesday
It's a mixture of school assembly, religious revival and TV chat show, with a rather chummy sense that audience and showmen are all in it together Wednesday
San Jose may be in the centre of Silicon Valley, but it's a tough place for a decent night out Thursday
The spirit of Intel Developer Forum Spring 2003 is parsimonious. A passing press relations officer rather smugly says that 'negative reports are running at under 1 percent internationally'