With its first vacuum tube amp audio dock, Samsung targets the audiophiles

Samsung is bridging the gap between digital amps and the warmth of vacuum tubes with its latest audio dock.

While Samsung may not be synonymous with high-fidelity audio systems, the company is making a real case for the association with its latest set of announcements.

The first is the DA-E670 Audio Dock. Capable of outputting 40 watts of power and equipped with its own subwoofer, the DA-E670 is fairly powerful for a device of its size. It offers support for not only iOS devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad), but Samsung's own Galaxy S line as well (who would have thought?).

Far more exciting, though, is the higher-end DA-E750. The dock is the first to use Samsung's vacuum tube amplifier technology, which offers the accuracy of a digital amp while alongside the warmth of sound associated with vacuum tubes. Like the DA-E670, the DA-E750 supports Samsung's AllShare technology and Apple's Airplay.

Of course, the real appeal is that that sound quality comes in a fairly compact package, which is good for anyone who wants a good-sounding audio system that doesn't take up a lot of space. B

Samsung is saying a lot of grand things about the DA-E750 - "[We've raised] the bar in sound quality for mainstream audio products" the company says - but it won't be until it shows the dock off in person at CES until we can verify the claims.


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