With new tech support biz, Florence Henderson will help your parents learn the computer

If you're tired of being the resident IT guru for your parents, let "America's favorite TV mom" do it for you.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

If you're tired of being the resident IT guru for your parents, let Florence Henderson do it for you.

Actress Henderson -- Carol Brady, from The Brady Bunch -- is heading up a tech support venture aiming to help older adults learn the computer.

The Floh Club is a telephone-based tech support service aimed to be "roadside assistance" for frustrated older computer users.

It operates with a subscription plan and a network of North American-based representatives available seven days a week between 8 a.m. and 2 a.m. EST.

Tasks include, according to the announcement:

  • Stay Connected: Understand how to use video conferencing, instant messenger, and the power of social networks to connect with your kids and grandkids
  • Education: Learn how to get the most from your PC, from simple tasks like email to making purchases online safely
  • PC Support: Issues such as slow/poor system performance, networking, error messages, virus/spyware removal, security and data backup
  • Support for Connected Devices: Includes wireless networks, printers, webcams/video conferencing and other peripherals
  • Setup and Training for New Devices: Printers, digital cameras, MP3 players and other peripherals

Payment plans come in a few different flavors:

  • annual subscription ($250/year)
  • monthly subscription ($25/month)
  • repair, tune-up and protect which includes anti-virus ($60 flat)
  • one-time educational package ($50 flat, covering e-mail, webcam, digital photography, online banking/shopping, social networking, etc.)

The service also offers remote backup ($25 setup, $5/month) and covers one computer per subscription.

It also comes with a monthly newsletter from Florence Henderson discussing technology for older adults.

Henderson is partnering with Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur Max Drucker for the venture.

Would you let "America's favorite TV mom" troubleshoot Mom and Dad's computer woes?

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