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With the right setup, IT managers won't need to play catch-up

New challenges and scenarios develop each day, so adopting the right setup could go a long way to maximizing the impact that IT can have on your business.

New challenges and scenarios develop each day, so adopting the right setup could go a long way to maximizing the impact that IT can have on your business.

You don't just find workers strapped to a desk now - instead, they're working on the go, sometimes even utilizing personal mobile devices to access documents from wherever they've chosen to base themselves. Technology has undoubtedly created an empowered workforce, but this digital transformation has been accompanied by challenges, especially for IT managers.

New devices and services each year means that there's more for the IT department to oversee, often without an accompanying increase in resources. It's unsurprising that IT managers are struggling to catch up, even as their organisations grow increasingly reliant on them.

However, a possible option for a business keen on digital transformation would be to revamp their setup instead, opting for an intelligent platform that doesn't tax their IT department in the long run. If you're considering this path for your organisation, here are some critical thought-starters:

Easy to deploy and manage
Instead of new devices being prepped by an internal IT guy, this layer of complexity could be managed by partnering with a leading solutions provider, one that ensures devices delivered are tailored to your needs and ready to roll with all the necessary programs for your team to carry out their roles.

Proactive insights
Your IT department must know everything, just like Big Brother. When provided with the latest insights, they'll be able to nip potential situations in the bud. Access to proactive insights will also ensure IT managers dedicate resources to areas with the most impact on the business.

Always up-to-date
If your business opts for a secure cloud platform, it would benefit from automated updates. Beyond the improved user experience, these updates will also provide vital security against new cyber threats.

Intelligent and secure
Regardless of how skilled they might be, IT personnel would not be able to keep up with the increasing multitude of security threats. Instead, your business should rely on the trifecta of regular updates, data insights, and a secure operating system.

Overall, it is clear that both businesses and IT departments would benefit from adopting devices that boast an intelligent and integrated solution, one with access to the latest security updates and sufficient functionality to empower modern workers in everything they undertake.

To learn more about how your business can equip itself with the right devices and move further along its digital transformation journey, watch this Microsoft webinar.

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