Woolworths looks to the Net for salvation

High street chain is fighting falling sales by letting customers order online in its stores

Woolworths is turning to Internet-linked tills to try and stem sales losses, according to The Guardian on Thursday.

The UK high street retailer has introduced a new in-store online ordering system ahead of the Christmas rush, to be operated by its staff. It has converted tills in all of its shops to allow staff to order directly from its Web site.

This will enable shoppers to order toys and electrical goods that aren't stocked on the premises, and have them delivered to their local shop or home within 48 hours, according to the report. Woolworths claims the move will effectively double the amount of stock on offer from some of its smaller stores.

Woolworths announced an increased first-half loss of approximately £36m. It hopes the in-store online ordering system will complement its strategy of cutting costs and dropping customer prices.