Workers clueless about security

Ignorance of security dangers could be costing firms dearly

E-commerce firms in the UK are in a poor state of health because workers are ignoring security risks, according to research released Wednesday by computer security firm Network Associates.

The research, which questioned IT managers within UK e-commerce sites as well as other industries, found that 71 percent thought workers were not taking security seriously and pointed to a lack of IT skills within the workforce. Seventy percent also said that their senior executives were not wise to the importance of security risks and were failing to implement proper safeguards and procedures.

Rob Eatwell, business development manager with Network Associates says that the report highlights the importance of having the necessary defences in place. "We're concerned about the lack of attention to this," he says. "You can't expect IT users to be IT professionals so it's for organisations to put the proper controls and procedures in place."

Eatwell says that many managers believe that security can be guaranteed by simply purchasing anti-hacking such as a firewall and anti-virus software and warns that educating employees about best practise is also crucial. Network Associates estimates that computer viruses and hacking have already cost businesses worldwide a shocking £1.600bn this year, and that figure is still rising.

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