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Workplace 2020: A new workplace reality. A new imperative.

Find out what is top of mind for the workforce in Asia.

As Asia primes itself to become the most connected market with more than half of all mobile connections originating from the region by 2021[1], organisations need to rethink how they empower their workforce with the right culture, policy, infrastructure, and tools to maximise their potential. This means enabling collaboration from anywhere, on any device.

However, it is also critical for business leaders to evaluate and implement changes to counter cultural and management challenges that are hindering employees to work seamlessly from wherever they are, which will in turn, hinder an organisation's growth and progress in the digital age."

Workplace shifts have undeniably resulted in new ways of work, where technologies have enabled increased collaboration between individuals and teams across geographies and groups. Beyond People, Place and Technology factors[2], the rise of the fourth industrial revolution has also accelerated the pace of transformation.

The Workplace 2020 Study, which involved 4,175 working professionals from 14 markets in Asia, sought to understand shifting employee behaviours and gaps in the workplace when it came to productivity, collaboration, and flexi-work practices. Find out what is top of mind for the workforce in Asia here!

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