"WPF/E" February CTP is live

The February CTP of "WPF/E" just went live and it looks like the team has been busy implementing features. Go grab the Mac or Windows version at the Microsoft Download Center.

I just got a note from Sean Alexander that the February CTP is live over at the Microsoft Download Center. Mike Harsh has a bit of info but it sounds like they'll be updating the "WPF/E" developer center to talk about the changes in this version tomorrow morning. According to Mike, any of your samples will need to update the agHost.js file with a new one available on his blog. In the meantime, go grab the Windows or Mac version (or both). I hear that Mac performance has been much improved in this version.

Just saw that Joe Stegman has some info about what's changed:

  • Keyboard Input (KeyUp/KeyDown)
  • MP3 Support
  • Mouse cursor support
  • Async downloader
  • Simple text metrics
  • Full screen mode
  • Lots of performance work
  • Improved JavaScript APIs
I'll have more info about this CTP after I've had a chance to play with it. I also want to see how Blend is doing with exporting "WPF/E" XAML so it'll be a good weekend to test both of those.