XP Office volume customers get upgrade discount

Those buying multiple copies will get a discount price, according to Microsoft
Written by Will Knight, Contributor on

Microsoft will allow customers using Office 95 who buy Office XP software in bulk to apply for an upgrade price for the product, the company said this week. Individuals who still use Office 95 will still have to pay the full price of they want to move to Office XP, however.

While Microsoft will not supply an upgrade for users of Office 95, Lisa Gurry, Office XP product marketing manager in the US, said that those buying more than five copies will be able to obtain a Upgrade Advantage (UA) licence, which will entitle them to get the new software for upgrade price.

"UA provides 'get current' and 'stay current' rights, enabling customers on any previous version of the product to upgrade to the current version of the product and receive rights to upgrade to future versions of the product released during the term of the UA," she said.

A spokesman for Microsoft in the UK, however, confirmed that anyone with a single copy of Office 95 software will not be allowed a UA licence and will be charged full price.

The Office software suite is expected to ship in the UK from the end of May costing £519 full a full copy and £269 for an upgrade.

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