Yahoo's 'Hot New Look': Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 'optimized by Yahoo!'

Labor Day shopping to get ready for the Fall? Yahoo says the must-have accessory will be Microsoft IE7 "Optimized by Yahoo!"
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor
Labor Day shopping to get ready for the Fall? Yahoo believes it offers the must-have accessory: Yahoo! introduces “the hot new look for Fall 2006,” Windows Internet Explorer 7 provided by Yahoo!

Yahoo is pushing its customized version of Microsoft’s browser at Yahoo! Downloads: “Get IE7 Now!”  and "update your web browser to the new Internet Explorer 7 (Beta 3) optimized by Yahoo!”

Yahoo's pitch for its version of IE7:
YAHOO SEARCH: Integrated Yahoo! Search with Yahoo! Homepage and Yahoo! Mail tabs.

SIMPLE: Sleek, streamlined to minimize clutter.

SAFER: Enhanced security features for safer web browsing.

SMARTER: Tabbed browsing allows multiple web pages to be viewed simultaneously.

CONNECTED: RSS feeds allow you to collect your favorite content from around the web.

Microsoft announced Yahoo’s customization of IE7 last June at its IE blog:
We often talk with our partners about all the ways they can take advantage of the extensibility in IE7. Today, Yahoo! released something new and (I think) pretty cool. “Internet Explorer 7 optimized by Yahoo!” presets the homepage and search to Yahoo properties. Of course, users can easily change the settings just as they can with the standard version that we ship…

Yahoo! used the beta version of the Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) to customize IE7 to meet their needs. The IEAK is available to all developers and partners who want to create their own customized versions of IE7, as well as IT pros who want to use it to ease enterprise deployment.

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