Yahoo's non-trendy search volume tool

Yahoo’s “Keyword Selector Tool

Yahoo’s “Keyword Selector Tool” is not in multiple colors and does not produce fun, conversational graphs. It does, however, provide real, current data on the number of times any specific word or phrase is input in the Yahoo search box by users over the prior month.

For example, entering the word “blog” into the tool, yields a chart showing the exact number of times the word was searched on in April 2006, as well as the number of times phrases which include the term were searched on.

In April 2006, the word “blog” was input in the Yahoo search box 353,933 times. Additionally, about 100 different phrases which included the word “blog” were searched on, such as: “create blog” (9147 times), “blog search” (8044 times), “blog video” (7922 times), “adult blog” (6446 times), “music blog” (3868 times) “audio blog” (3245 times), “gossip blog” (3004 times)…

The search frequency data provided by the Yahoo tool can support decision making for keyword bidding, search engine optimization, long tail targeting…

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