Yoono brings order to the chaos of social media

Yoono updates bring more flexibility and customization to the noise of social media - with more noise expected to arrive soon.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive on

In a post last week that hammered off some random thoughts about Google Buzz, I noted that with all of the social media noise out sprouting up, what I really needed was a good aggregator, a central location where all of the updates, links, tweets and pokes could reside. I noted that a service called Yoono was close - but that it just wasn't quite there yet.

Today, Yoono is pushing out an update that really brings it closer to the holy grail of social media aggregation. That's not necessarily because it has a long list of compatible networks tied to it - that's not the case, Instead, Yoono is a winner because of its flexibility of allowing users to create a custom look and the built-in features that allow the users to pretty much take care of any social task from within Yoono.

Yoono, which is available as both a desktop app (PC and Mac) and Firefox add-on, offers both a single-column and multiple-column view. The single column view allows users to toggle between the different networks while the multiple-column view allows users to create custom columns - maybe one for Facebook updates, one for Twitter direct-messages, another for Twitter updates and a fourth for MySpace notifications. And because you can resize the columns, the possibility of having several columns open for rea-time viewing is greater.

I especially liked being able to comment, poke, reply, direct-message and more directly from within Yoono, as well as the ability to search the various networks from within the columns.

For now, Yoono is only compatible with Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Flickr, FriendFeed. It also handles IMs via Yahoo, AIM, Live Messenger and Google Talk.

The company says integration with Google Buzz, YouTube, Yammer and Facebook Chat is in the works

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