YouTube: Is 'cheating' hurting YouTuber community?

All may not be well in the YouTube 'community.'
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor

All may not be well in the YouTube “community.” YouTube videos allege gaming, scamming, manipulation, abuse…of the YouTube ratings and video views counting systems.

Sound familiar? YouTuber talk of supposed unfairness within the YouTube video-sharing “community” is strikingly similar to Digger talk of supposed unfairness within the Digg news-sharing “community.”

While the Digg bounty is homepage promotion, YouTube rewards targeted include video “Honors.”

A search at YouTube for “YouTube cheaters” yields 210 video results, many brandishing harsh titles such as “cheater on youtube exposed” and “cheatersbeware.”

Accusation videos and cross-accusation videos present purported schemes being used at YouTube to artificially inflate YouTube rankings such as “Video Views,” “Favorited”…


“Re: YouTube Cheaters” Uploaded by “RIGHTBACKatYOU2” puts forth a “cheating” case:

Description: littleloca/stevieryan is one of the biggest cheaters on youtube. This is a video that explains how she does it, if she made entertaining videos than she wouldn’t have to cheat.

About to fall off the 20 most subscribed list… littleloca/Stevie Ryan is desperate and slinging false accusations again. This video will expose the cheating methods of litlteloca/Stevie Ryan in great detail. I will show how she uses fake accounts to spam her own comments …and most importantly that she uses a counter on these same accounts to add views to her videos. Then she got paid to do a video promoting Crispin Glover’s new movie. She had to get more views in order to get paid $$$. Some of Stevie’s fake accounts: ihate crybabies, sweetluvin, urapig…and the (censored) uses these same comment spamming accounts to run her Firefox counter program.

You shouldn’t accuse people of cheating when you are the biggest cheater of them all.

PS You should return that money to Crispin since no one actually watched those videos.

There is a lively “cheater or not cheater” debate underway via video, similar to email back and forths:

“Re:Re:Re: YouTube CHEATERS!”

“Youtube cheaters? I think not.” Uploaded by “de56u” Calls for an end to the video bickering:

Description: Expressing my views on the recent youtube cheaters allegations. I feel that the cheaters should be ignored.

I do agree that many people cheat on youtube. But, who cares. They’re wasting their own time while they could be enjoying themselves or getting a job, etcv.  Ignore them. Please? Your just encouraging them to go on. Plus, many of the cheaters’ videos have very low quality. The true treasures are hidden in the search bar.

Despite “de56u”’s exhortations, YouTubers believe the “community” is being harmed. The question facing YouTube’s new owner, Google, is to what degree?

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