YouTube: Must see TV? 'User Generated Politics' presidential campaign 2008

Who is in to win?
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor on

On January 23, I announced: Social media conversations have entered the big leagues, the high-stakes presidential ones.

In Social Media conversations: Talking or selling?, the first story in my continuing coverage of what I have dubbed “User Generated Politics,” I analyzed how Hillary Clinton used a slick video-enabled Website campaign headquarters to announce her non-campaign back to the White House in 2008.

Just three weeks later, much has happened in what I am calling the “User Generated Politics” presidential campaign 2008:

Barack TV vs. Hillary TV: Obama ‘08 announces, ‘the campaign is about you’
John Edwards: Be my MySpace pal! 
Joe Biden has 226 MySpace friends: Can he connect?
Presidential Campaign 2008: Rudy Giuliani ‘In to win’ too? 

Much has happened here, as well, with this Digital Markets Blog special “User Generated Politics” series.

The real power of “User Generated Politics” extends beyond the simple employ of turnkey social network tools by candidates at their Websites or by presidential politicking at social networking sites.

User Generated Politics” fuels a Web enabled virtuous circle of individual political empowerment online and off. My continuing coverage of “User Generated Politics” presidential campaign 2008 probes all manner of Web 2.0 political empowerment.

In a total of 16 stories over the past three weeks, I have explored how “User Generated Politics” is both a political and economic force impacting the Internet and the real world.

Among my 16 stories in this Digital Markets special series:

Google wins big as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama battle
Hillary Clinton trumps Barack Obama, on eBay!
Got $2500? Mingle with Obama, plus Spielberg, Katzenberg and Geffen
Yahoo: 36,147 people tell Hillary Clinton what to do
Throw a party for Hillary Clinton!


What could be more “User Generated Politics” than “broadcast yourself” for clip culture fame at YouTube. 

Current “User Generated Politics” YouTuber fare:

"Joe Biden at Rotary"
"John Edwards Feeling Pretty"
"Quick Encounter with Hillary Clinton"



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