YouTube trifecta: CBS, Universal Music, Sony BMG Music deals

YouTube is carving its own route to video respectability and CBS, Sony BMG Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group want to be along for the...
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor

YouTube is carving its own route to video respectability and CBS, Sony BMG Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group want to be along for the ride, the company announced today:

CBS and YouTube Strike Strategic Content and Advertising Partnership

CBS to Distribute Daily Sports, News and Entertainment Programming through New Brand Channel: First TV Network to Test YouTube Content Identification Architecture To Connect and Engage with Viewers

Sony BMG Music Entertainment Signs Content License Agreement with YouTube 

Alliance Adds One of the World's Largest Music Companies to Growing Roster of Media Companies Working with YouTube to Reach its Massive Audience

Universal Music Group and YouTube Forge Strategic Partnership 

Innovative Video Distribution and Revenue Agreement to Enhance Entertainment Experience and Embrace User-Generated Content While Fairly Compensating Artists


The deal calls for the CBS Television Network, its premium television service provider, Showtime Networks Inc., as well as its basic cable/digital media service, CSTV Networks, Inc., to offer the YouTube community a wide variety of short-form video programming from its news, sports and entertainment divisions on a daily basis beginning this month. YouTube and CBS will share revenue from advertising sponsorships of CBS Videos.
In addition, CBS is the first TV network to test YouTube’s new advanced content identification architecture and reporting system which will allow CBS to protect its intellectual property by identifying and locating copyrighted CBS content on YouTube. CBS will then have the opportunity to either remove it from the site or, at CBS’s sole discretion, allow it to remain. If CBS allows the content to remain on the site, CBS will share in any revenue from advertising placed adjacent to the content.

Sony BMG Music-YouTube
A deal that will make available a wide variety of video content from the music company’s world-renowned library to the YouTube community. YouTube users will be able to interact with videos from a wide array of Sony BMG Music Entertainment artists ranging from the most important recordings in history to today’s hottest young artists.
In addition, Sony BMG and YouTube will work together to develop new and exciting opportunities which allow users to include certain Sony BMG sound recordings in their own uploads, adding to the Internet’s most vibrant video entertainment destination. As a result of this agreement Sony BMG will be able to fully realize the commercial potential of its content. Sony BMG and YouTube will share revenue from advertising on all Sony BMG music videos that incorporate audio and audiovisual works from the vast Sony BMG Music Entertainment library.
Universal Music Group-YouTube
An agreement offering YouTube and its users access to thousands of videos on YouTube from UMG’s extensive roster of artists covering every genre of music. In addition, under this agreement, UMG broadly embraces the power and creativity of user-generated content, allowing users to incorporate music from UMG’s recorded music catalog into the videos they create and upload onto YouTube. UMG and its artists will be compensated not just for UMG produced videos but also for the unique, user created content that incorporates UMG music.
YouTube and UMG have also agreed to a process to protect UMG copyrights using technology to filter out UMG content that is not authorized to appear on the YouTube service.

KEY, QUICK TAKE-AWAY: A successful business model is based on copyright respect.


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