You've heard the numbers, here's some anecdotal green jobs information

Anecdotal article about four "smart cities" underscores the critical roles of training and creative financing in the green jobs movement.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

Just read an article with some really specific, anecdotal information about how different cities on the east coast and west coast are making a place for themselves in the so-called Green Jobs movement.

The piece highlights these four cities: San Jose, Calif., Portland, Ore., Indianapolis and Pittsburgh. The illustrate how actions being taken at the municipal/civic level are directly impacting small businesses in these metropolitan areas. All the efforts are fairly unique, but the common thread with all four of these cities is a focus on training (in skills such as green building retrofits, renewable energy technology) and on creative financing. I found the example cited for Pittsburgh particularly interesting because it focuses on how to address energy and water inefficiencies in 17,000 multi-family, affordable housing units in the city.

Here's the story from the "Simple Steps" site, which is affiliated with the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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