ZDNet to interview AltaVista's Andy Mitchell

AltaVista and BT spat over responsibility just the latest episode in the long UK unmetered fiasco

Late last year the UK found itself in the midst of an overnight unmetered revolution. First came CallNet, then AltaVista jumped into the unknown and promised free, or almost free, Internet access for a one-off payment.

Ntl followed, opening the door for more established players such as LineOne. But big brand names proved as vulnerable as the smaller players and almost as quickly as they were set up, the unmetered players started to fall.

AltaVista has been the first to point the finger directly at BT. It says the current charging structure under BT was to blame for its failure. BT and the Consumers' Association accuse AltaVista of buck-passing, saying that it should never have set up a service it couldn't deliver.

Users left in the lurch will be asking questions about who is really to blame for the unmetered fiasco and what is the future for flat rate access in the UK. In an attempt to answer these and other questions ZDNet News is bringing you an exclusive interview with AltaVista boss Andy Mitchell next week.

Due to the event of Andy Mitchell's resignation, ZDNet has been forced to cancel this interview.

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