ZDNetGovWeek: China "Likes" Facebook and Twitter, tech shines honesty light on gov, and MS reports on gov data requests

Since the Republicans are trying to tear apart the Republicans, Democrats are being Democrats, and the government's on the verge of shutdown, most of our reporting is international in nature.
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ZDNet's worldwide team provides global 24/7 technology news and analysis. In addition to my own coverage analysis here in the ZDNet Government column and on ZDNet's DIY-IT, every week I'll bring you a selection of the best government-related articles posted by our intrepid reporters and analysts. Here are some of the most interesting from the last week.

Top stories this week

Microsoft reports on governments user data requests
In the first half of 2013 governments world-wide made 37,196 requests from Microsoft for user content or transactional data about users. In 817 of these, Microsoft turned over actual user content.

How tech can make government more honest
A pilot program is underway in Jersey City, NJ to track employees' use of city vehicles. As a New Jersey taxpayer I can only rejoice. Government ought to use tech more aggressively at all levels to fight waste and fraud.

China lets down its Great Firewall for Twitter and Facebook
China is reportedly starting to open up, allowing access to previously banned sites and services so long as users are within a sanctioned free-trade zone in Shanghai.

Other government coverage around ZDNet

Spoiler alert: WikiLeaks film The Fifth Estate
WikiLeaks film The Fifth Estate opens in American theaters October 18. In it, Benedict Cumberbatch delivers a megalomaniacal take on Julian Assange in a drama that mars its cultural accuracy with its cartoonish storytelling.

School turns to BYOD as government laptop program ends
The end of the laptops in schools program in Australian schools could see schools turn en masse to BYOD programs to fill the gap in funding for student tablets and laptop PCs.

HP out of major Defence datacentre tender
The Australian Department of Defence is one step closer to awarding an AU$500 million datacentre tender, after HP has bowed out of the race.

John McAfee returns to security to create own secure internet
Described by Foxs News as the 'Tony Stark of the internet', John McAfee is preparing to announce how he will create a better, more secure internet. This isn't a gov-story, but we just can't resist reporting about any activity that John has got his fingers in.

Egnyte jumps on PRISM frenzy with its own 'prevention' program
The PRISM spin taps into fears and worries over keeping data secure from prying eyes -- in this case, government agencies.

LTE commercialization likely to hit Indonesia year-end
Indonesians can't wait for LTE service as 3G standards have failed to bring the quality as everyone expected, and there are high hopes the upcoming APEC Summit will lead to commercial the launch of 4G services by December.

Porto Alegre passes innovation act
New laws are introduced to support entrepreneurship in the Brazilian city.

NSW Trade's SAP costs expected to rise
The cost of implementing the second phase of the New South Wales Department of Trade's SAP payroll system will be more than the original AU$4 million allocated, due to a deliberate delay in the rollout.

NSW updates IT strategy with 36 new actions
Cloud and industry collaboration are still the key issues behind the strategy.

Dutch IT companies rebel against security breach notification law
A draft bill that force tech firms to disclose when they suffer security breaches has drawn the ire of the Netherlands' IT industry.

Spain's new piracy penalty: Six years in jail
The country is proposing prison time for owners of sites that link to illegal versions of copyrighted material.


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