Zendesk revamps iPad app for mobile customer service teams

Zendesk proposed a shift in enabling mobile customer service teams that has inspired a new focus on delivering performance metrics and customer history on-the-go.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Zendesk has offered iPad support for a while now, but the customer service software provider went back to the drawing board for its new app.

The addition of an iPad app just seems inevitable for almost any business these days — especially one dedicated to providing cloud-based software.

But Zendesk offered a few rationales as to why it has made changes to the point where it is being described as "new" altogether.

For one, since Zendesk first launched its iPad app two years ago, the San Francisco company cited that the percentage of companies providing customer service through a mobile app has doubled.

Furthermore, Zendesk added that more than 60 percent of its clients have downloaded a mobile service app to at least one device — with its iPad app as the third most popular.

Thus, Zendesk proposed that the shift enabling mobile customer service teams inspired a bigger focus on delivering performance metrics and customer history to employees while on-the-go.


Some of the new features included in this version of the iPad app are ticket activity revealing trends in volume of new tickets and efficiency in response, as well as a leaderboard displaying metrics at-a-glance. Those metrics consist of customer satisfaction, solved tickets, response time, and the productivity of the support team.

The Zendesk for iPad is available now to download from the Apple App Store and from Zendesk's website.

Screenshots via Zendesk

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