Zoho adds social marketing, sales intelligence to core CRM service

The integrated offering is the first of several bundles planned by the SMB cloud business apps developer.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

SMB cloud apps developer Zoho is looking upmarket with a new offering that combines its core CRM offering with more than a half-dozen other services that the company offers as separate services.

The new product, called CRM Plus, will be priced at $50 per user, per month, said Raju Vegesna, the company's primary product evangelist. "This is the first bundle, you will see a lot of these moving forward," he said.

The capabilities included in CRM Plus range from social and email marketing tools to one of its newer innovations, a real-time sales intelligence service called SalesIQ.

The tool helps salespeople filter and prioritize prospects based on certain predetermined parameters such as how a person landed on the company website.

Leads are segmented and visualized as a series of concentric rings. It even allows them to start chats with website visitors (see below.) .


Initiating proactive chat

Another brand-new service allows businesses to capture information from their Google AdWords accounts and marry it with CRM data.  

Zoho's new offering is targeted predominantly at midsize companies that are looking to automate workflows between sales and marketing teams.

Don't want all this functionality? It's still possible to get a la carte subscriptions for Zoho's separate services.

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