Zune firmware 1.2 supports high resolution album art

Stability and performance were improved with the latest firmware, but another new improvement is better album art support. You should no longer see that fuzzy, distorted album art on your big Zune display. You may have to reload all your downloaded music to get the new album art, but if you have a Zune Pass that may not take too much time.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer on
Zune album art
Thanks to Mary Jo and Adrian we know that Microsoft just released the Zune desktop software with Vista support. I also wanted to point out that firmware 1.2 for the Zune was released at the same time. The only documentation I have seen has stated that firmware 1.2 improves stability and performance of the Zune, which is great for those that have been having some issues. I was reading Zune Thoughts and just found out about another improvement in firmware 1.2 that makes the Zune experience that much better, high resolution album art support. If you have a Zune you'll notice that the album art is stretched to fit the larger display and in most cases does not look very good. The latest firmware now gives you 480x480 resolution firmware rather than the 240x240 album art in the previous firmware.

Credit: Zune Thoughts

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