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I started working with what we called "analog computers" in aircraft maintenance with the United States Air Force in 1970. After finishing military service and returning to university, I was introduced to microprocessors and machine language programming on Intel 4040 processors. After that I also worked on, operated and programmed Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-8, PDP-11 (/45 and /70) and VAX minicomputers. I was involved with the first wave of Unix-based microcomputers, in the early '80s. I have been working in software development, operation, installation and support since then.

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In the beginning...

In the beginning...

I suppose the best place to start here is to get one thing out into the open. I have been a loyal Skype user for quite a long time, starting at a time when it was very useful to me in getting through a time of personal tragedy.

November 16, 2007 by in Linux

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