Another flashpoint in global warming warnings

Bhutan faces climate disaster due to global warming.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor

Believe it or not, we've all heard the warnings about rising sea levels due to global warming. We've heard about the results of the melting ice cap in the Arctic, from the opening of the Northwest Passage to endangerment of Ross's Gull, walrus and polar bear. We know that Swiss ski resorts are on a downward path and that changed weather patterns could mean more droughts, more severe storms. But mountains nations have little to fear, right?

Well, the Himalyan nation of Bhutan, faces serious problems because the glaciers there are melting away. In Bhutan the immediate danger comes from overflowing lakes fed by the melting glaciers. Glacial lakes can overtop their banks, then create freezing flash floods. The lengthy piece on nature.com describes the geology and physical labor involved in trying to prevent at least one major glacial-melt flood in a nation with hundreds of lakes, thousands of glaciers.

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