Bendigo Bank 'unexpected' IT outage runs into day two

Online banking services still down, but payments are being processed, the bank has confirmed via Twitter.
Written by Asha Barbaschow, Journalist on

Customers of Bendigo Bank should soon see payments from the last 24 hours processed, after the bank suffered an "IT outage" on early Wednesday morning.

The bank said on Thursday morning that while its processing systems were restored overnight, it was still experiencing an outage to its online banking.

"All our processing systems were restored last night, but we're currently experiencing a temporary e-banking outage. We'll keep updates coming through Twitter -- hopefully this doesn't go down too!," the bank said via Twitter.

The bank's social media team advised customers that its banking app is experiencing issues "again", adding Bendigo Bank was working on it as the highest priority.

"We're currently experiencing intermittent issues with e-banking, but all other banking systems are working. You'll be able to use your cards for purchases, if you have funds in the account attached to the cards. We're working on it as the highest priorty," it said.

The bank initially took to Twitter at 6.04am AEDT yesterday advising its online banking service was unavailable.

"Alert! We have been advised our ebanking is currently unavailable. We're working to resolve this as soon as possible and will update as soon as we have any information. We apologise for any inconvenience caused," it wrote.

Nearly four hours later, the bank's social media team provided an update, calling it an "unexpected outage" with "no ETA for a fix at this point".

It also confirmed that some branches were also affected and may not be able to process transactions.

At 2.26pm AEDT, the bank said its priority, where service restoration was concerned, was to focus on customer-facing systems.

ATM and Eftpos facilities were operational at that time, with branches also able to process deposits and withdrawals.

Another update was provided at 8.43pm AEDT, with no diagnosis of what issue was being faced by Bendigo Bank.

"Update: Our system is still down and our team are working as hard as they can to resolve issues with the current outage," it wrote.

"We will keep you posted with further updates as soon as they are available."

The bank then said later that night that payments from Tuesday and Wednesday would be processed overnight, confirming at 9.04am AEDT Thursday that all payments were completed by 6:45am AEDT.

"We're processing funds as per normal now. Payments between banks can take up to 2 business days to be received, but the funds definitely would have been sent off from our end," another Tweet read.



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