VR tech studio Aexlab launches NFTs as part of push to Blockchain

It will be a challenge to merge virtual reality worlds with NFTs on the blockchain, but Aexlab intends to make it happen.
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Bringing together the worlds of digital asset NFTs on the blockchain and virtual reality (VR) for gamers could be very cool indeed. Now a new virtual reality pet NFT aims to merge the two technologies.

The metaverse is a hot topic in blockchain right now, but there are few examples to combine a VR metaverse with blockchain technology and NFTs.

Miami-based technology and video game studio Aexlab had launched its first NFT series as it looks to 'plant its flag' in the blockchain ecosystem.

The company which develops virtual reality (VR) experiences and applications from the ground-up has raised over S1M from its crowdfunding campaign on the Start Engine.

Its NFT drop, released in partnership with Metadrop, is a series of AI-generated 3D virtual reality pets, Vailiens, minted for players in the company's tactical first-person shooter game, Vail VR. This game combes virtual reality technologies with social gaming – and NFTs

Vailiens are loyal pets to players in the Vail VR universe, who respond to players' touch and commands gaining new abilities over time and making them more valuable to their owners.

Only 13,370 Vailiens are available to own or trade. On November 30th, 10,800 will be minted via live auction on the Metadrop platform.

The remaining NFTs will be reserved for early backers (1,500) and community development activities (1,070). Users buy the NFTs on Metadrop with ETH currency by auction when they are released.

The game itself is not a blockchain game, so it does not compare to other blockchain games, and has no peers.

The "pets" in the game are represented by NFTs that players can buy using Ethereum to activate inside of the game. The pets as NFTs are the connection to the blockchain.

The VR game currently has tens of thousands of players ready to test and play. Vail VR's multiplayer servers will go live on November 26th.

Players with a VR headset can request access via Steam by searching Vail VR and joining its Discord server. Between Nov 30 - Dec 2nd, different Vailien pet breeds will be sold in six simultaneous auctions.

Aexlab's mission is to bring together the worlds of NFTs and virtual reality, to create new experiences for gamers and to introduce a new level of interactivity.

After initial funding, the game will be funded through game purchases as usual. NFT sales will also drive some of that profit but are not essential to the traditional revenue structure according to a spokesperson.

Gaming is certainly moving into blockchain -- and NFTs are the key to enabling this. Complex nested NFTs – like those in Kusama, pave the way for 'intelligent' NFTs that hold their value.

Aggregated marketplace for NFT gaming and social media networking platform Gamerse brings the gaming metaverse in line with NFTs and social networking show the way that the landscape is moving.

Expect to see many more games using NFTs in this way -- and businesses will soon follow with smart blockchain ledger solutions that repurpose NFTs for the enterprise.

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