​NAB Transact takes IP Australia's eService payment down

When NAB Transact was down, IP Australia was forced to invoke its Alternate Lodgement System and fax service.
Written by Aimee Chanthadavong, Contributor

IP Australia's eServices payment gateway was shut down on Tuesday after its e-commerce provider National Australia Bank (NAB) experienced "significant ongoing technical issues".

As a result, this prevented eServices from processing any payments through the portal. In turn, IP Australia was forced to receive urgent submissions that required payments to be made through its Alternate Lodgement System (ALS), or through fax via its Emergency Fax Service (EFS).

"All submissions received via the ALS or EFS during this period will be deemed submitted by eServices and will attract applicable reduced fees," IP Australia said.

Meanwhile, while the root of cause is still under investigation, the bank said NAB Transact, an e-commerce platform used by its business banking customers, is now back up. NAB said it implemented two key improvements involving the web payment servers used for the NAB Transact platform. It added that it continues to monitor transactions during the "hypercare period".

NAB has also added that it is working closely with SecurePay, its secure payments provider, to understand the underlying issues behind the issue.

"We apologise to our customers for the ongoing stability issue and can assure them the team at NAB is doing everything we can to fix this. Resolving this issue is an absolute priority for us," said John Murphy, NAB executive general manager, deposits and transaction services.

Updated 4.58pm 3 June 2015: Additional comment from NAB about how it is working with SecurePay.

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