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ADSL waiting list drops to 1,000

BT says it has got the waiting list for the high speed, always-on Internet service down to just 1,000 customers
Written by Jane Wakefield, Contributor on

BT Ignite claimed on Wednesday that there is no longer any significant waiting list for ADSL installations.

This will come as welcome news to consumers, some of whom have waited up to six months to have their ADSL connection installed. BT has admitted that there has been technical and logistical difficulties in rolling out DSL in the past but is confident it is now back on track.

According to head of broadband at BT Ignite Chris Gibbs there are currently around 1,000 customers waiting for an ADSL line, with 500 customers who have been waiting for 20 days and 500 who have been waiting for 40. Some of these though, he says, are system errors -- people who have registered twice for a service they have already received. "I don't believe we have a waiting problem any more," he concluded. "The backlog has dropped dramatically and the number of orders in the pipeline is very small."

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