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Alcatel-Lucent: WiMax lost against LTE

Mobile industry has clearly chosen long-term evolution for next-gen mobile broadband connectivity, Alcatel-Lucent exec says, adding that the company is no longer putting a lot of effort into WiMax.
Written by David Meyer, Contributor on

The mobile industry has clearly chosen LTE (long-term evolution) over WiMax for the next generation of mobile broadband connectivity, a senior Alcatel-Lucent executive has said.

Patrick Plas, Alcatel Lucent's chief operating officer for wireless, said on Monday that the company is "not putting a lot of effort into [WiMax] any longer", adding that upcoming LTE launches by companies such as Verizon showed "a clear direction taken by the industry towards LTE".

Plas is not the first to point out that LTE (the long-term evolution of 3G) is now firmly in the roadmap of most operators--even WiMax backers have acknowledged that their chosen technology is more likely to serve niche markets. It is, however, interesting to hear a telecoms hardware vendor, which still makes and markets WiMax equipment, say it.

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