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AOL prepares for further growth

Bucking the trend for dot-coms, AOL is hiring staff for its Irish call centre, which now looks set to become the company's largest facility in Europe
Written by Andrew Swinton, Contributor
AOL UK has announced it will expand its Waterford call centre by 125 employees over the coming months, bringing the centre's overall number of employees to 650. The new jobs will be primarily in the technical support, sales and customer services areas. The expansion makes the Waterford call centre AOL's largest facility in Europe. Waterford-based vice president of AOL UK member services, Tony Hanway, said in a statement: "Our Waterford expansion is testimony to the growth of the AOL business, the early success of our new broadband product and our commitment to providing members with the best possible customer service." AOL UK's Waterford call centre opened in September 1998 with 25 employees. AOL Time Warner on Monday said this year's results at America Online will fall short of expectations because of the prolonged advertising slump. The company has said it would like 50 percent of revenues to come from non-US markets, up from around 20 percent today. In Europe, the company said it is on track to achieve its goal of halving losses while growing to more than $1bn in revenues.

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