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Avaya folds iPhone into the corporate network

The one-X Mobile client software can integrate Apple's handset into most company's IP networks, the comms supplier has claimed
Written by David Meyer, Contributor on

Avaya has released software which it claims will turn Apple's iPhone handset into a "fully-fledged business tool".

The one-X Mobile client software, due for release in Europe in the first quarter of next year, is designed to integrate the largely consumer-centric device into "most enterprise IP telecommunications networks", Avaya claimed in a statement on Tuesday.

The software will allow the use of a single number for both mobile and desk-based communications, by routing calls through the corporate network.

Avaya already has software to enable the integration of a variety of popular handsets, but this is the first time it has targeted the iPhone. The company claims that the one-X Mobile interface will give users functionality such as multi-party conference calling, call transfer and call screening.

Some enterprise applications have been made available for use with the iPhone, but several issues remain for those who wish to use Apple's handset in the workplace. Gartner has warned against such deployment due to security and compatibility concerns, and O2 — the exclusive network operator for the iPhone in the UK — has admitted that IT managers may be loath to allow work numbers to be ported over to the iPhone as it is only available on consumer tariffs.

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