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BBC launches iPlayer service for Macs and Linux

A streaming version of the online TV on-demand service has been launched for non-Windows platforms, with a download version due in 2008
Written by Tim Ferguson, Contributor on

A streaming version of the BBC's iPlayer online TV on-demand service has been launched for the Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

This is the first time a UK broadcaster has provided an on-demand streaming service for all three platforms.

The download version of iPlayer was only available for Windows XP when it was released in beta form during the summer.

In an exclusive interview with ZDNet.co.uk's sister site silicon.com in October, the BBC's head of Future Media and Technology, Ashley Highfield, said he couldn't promise a download version would be developed for other non-Windows platforms.

But Anthony Rose, the BBC's Head of Digital Media Technology, has now said the corporation is aiming to launch a download version for other platforms "including Macs" in 2008.

He said the streaming service is the first in a number of planned updates during the coming months.

Each week there will be around 250 different programmes available to watch via the iPlayer streaming service for seven days after they are first broadcast.

The streaming version of iPlayer will have new features such as the ability to share programme links, password protected access for more adult programmes and a radio button linking to BBC Radio content.

As well as iPlayer, an on-demand player including content from BBC Worldwide, ITV and Channel 4 currently called Kangaroo was announced in November.

The marketing launch for the iPlayer starts on Christmas Day.

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