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BT launches unmetered voice calls

BT likes unmetered so much its bringing it to voice
Written by Jane Wakefield, Contributor

BT will announce details of its planned unmetered voice call service Thursday.

The telco is currently rolling out unmetered Internet access across the UK, following sustained pressure from other operators and the government. It now plans to extend this service to voice calls offering unlimited local calls for a fixed monthly fee. (Details below)

Unmetered local voice calls have always been available in the US and experts have claimed it is one of the key reasons why the US is so far ahead of the UK in terms of Internet access. Last week chancellor Gordon Brown claimed he wanted the UK Internet market to adopt US-style pricings "as quickly as possible".

BT describes the pricing overhaul as the "most radical ever". Angus Porter, managing director of BT's consumer division admits the decision to go unmetered has been partly triggered by consumer concerns about the high price of getting online. "People are using their phone lines more and more, and in new ways. Because of this, there are understandable concerns about the rising costs," he says.

What BT is announcing

  • The existing BT Together package, for £11.99 a month. Still pay per minute but with discounts

  • BT Talk Together, £14.99. As many local off peak calls for a one off monthly fee
  • BT Surf Together, £14.99. A slightly cheaper version of SurfTime, offpeak Internet calls but does not include voice calls
  • BT Talk&Surf Together, £17.99. All off-peak voice and Internet calls for a fixed monthly fee.
  • The service begins on December 1

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