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BT may share ducts with rival broadband providers

The telco is reportedly in talks with Ofcom about opening access to its ducts and poles so other providers can install their own broadband fibre lines
Written by Natasha Lomas, Contributor on

BT has revealed it is in discussions with telecoms regulator Ofcom about opening access to its ducts and telegraph poles to other broadband providers so they can install their own next-generation broadband fibre lines.

While access to BT's fibre network is open to all operators, with BT Retail and any other ISPs that want to offer a fibre service buying access from BT's local access division, Openreach, the telco's competitors have complained this approach is not flexible enough.

Speaking in an interview with the Financial Times, BT chief executive Ian Livingston said: "We told Ofcom last year we're willing to provide open access to our ducts... and we are working with them on how to achieve it."

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