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BT to close BTclick and move customers

Telco claims that the move to BTinternet will save you money, but is it a ploy to boost struggling SurfTime?
Written by Graeme Wearden, Contributor

Pay-as-you-go Internet service provider (ISP) BTclick is to be closed on 17 October.

BT (quote: BT) has decided to merge its two ISPs by ending BTclick, under which customers pay for their Internet use at the local call rate. Customers will be encouraged to move over to BTinternet, which the telco claims will provide a more attractive Internet access package.

Current BTclick customers will have to register for BTinternet and install new software. Three different services are available through BTinternet, including a pay-as-you-go service with a daytime rate of 2p per minute, compared to a rate of 4p per minute for BTclick. The other two services, SurfTime and BTinternet Credit Card, are both subscription models.

ZDNet recently revealed that SurfTime, BT's flagship unmetered service, has only attracted 200,000 users, despite £20m spent on advertising. For £9.99 per month, SurfTime offers up to 504 hours of free Internet access at evenings and weekends, plus daytime access at 2p per minute.

Having signed up its 500,000th user, BTinternet has just been revamped to compete with broadband offering BTopenworld. BTclick has around 440,000 registered users, and customers who fail to register for BTinternet by 17 October will be automatically redirected.

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