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Business people take email on holiday

Approximately one in ten business people access their work email account or corporate network every day on holiday and would check email on the beach if they were able to, according to research
Written by Out Law, Contributor
Approximately three-quarters of business people (73 percent) access their work email account or corporate network while on holiday, according to a survey conducted by the organisers of Enterprise Wireless Technology 2002 and the wireless industry portal MforMobile.com. Of those people, 60 percent had checked their work email two or three times during their holiday and 11 percent said they logged on every day. The study, aiming to understand how wireless technologies affect lifestyles, was based on responses from 281 UK business employees, principally from large corporates. According to the survey, 60 percent of the sample admitted that they would access their email on the beach if they could. Over half said that they have taken a PDA with them on holiday and 52 percent have taken their laptop, while 92 percent take their mobile phones. Almost half said being able to access their corporate networks gave them peace of mind while they were away. However, they admitted that it caused problems or tensions with their holiday companions. It was also found that 38 percent of the respondents estimate they have up to five hours more leisure time per week because they can work remotely or while on the move. Finally, 60 percent of the sample said that they now work more from home.

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