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CallNet0800 shrugs off claims of renewed problems

Looked like a wobbly restart for the intrepid CallNet0800, but it may have worked out fine...
Written by Will Knight, Contributor on

Totally free ISP CallNet0800 has reacted with bewilderment to renewed accusations of difficulties with its online registration, relaunched Monday.

CallNet0800 suspended its online registration service in November after an overwhelming number of applications caused serious technical problems, resulting in crashed servers and a lot of disgruntled users.

One reader contacted ZDNet early Tuesday to complain that CallNet0800's online service had once again seized-up and speculated that this could herald a return to the bad old days. Staff at ZDNet were also unable to register Tuesday morning although by afternoon the service appeared to be working normally again.

A spokesman from CallNet0800 was perplexed by the complaints. "We are unaware of any problems. We've had a look and cannot see anything wrong. We don't understand why."

ZDNet successfully registered Tuesday evening.

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