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Cisco launches Aironet Wi-Fi hubs for BYO

The Aironet 3600 line of Wi-Fi routers are being pitched at businesses embracing the 'bring your own' device trend, for workers connecting to virtual desktops, making LAN calls and conducting video conferences
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Cisco has launched its Aironet 3600 series of wireless access points, designed to make it easier to manage 'bring your own' device schemes.

The enterprise Wi-Fi hubs were unveiled at the Cisco Live event in London on Tuesday. Sujai Hajela, general manager of Cisco's wireless networking business unit, said in an interview the company is looking to create gear that will "enable seamless connections to any wireless device" and maintain quality "no matter the difference from the access point."

According to Hajela, Cisco expects the Aironet line can maintain quality as workers conduct video conferences, connect to virtual desktops and make wireless local-area network calls from their devices.

With four antenna, the Aironet is expected to account for multiple spatial streams — the paths between the wireless signals served by an antenna and a device — and hit multiple devices. For instance, an iPad could use one spatial stream, a laptop would occupy two and an iPhone could have another.

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