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Council auctions abandoned cars on eBay

What am I bid for this classic motor?
Written by Steve Ranger, Global News Director

What am I bid for this classic motor?

A London council is selling off abandoned cars on eBay.

Westminster Council said it is using the auction site to get more money for the vehicles abandoned on its streets. Around 30 cars are dumped every year.

The council has already sold a Range Rover for more than £6,000 and more cars are expected to follow if the trial is a success.

A council spokeswoman said: "We were looking for a more cost-effective way of disposing of cars that have been abandoned."

Previously the council sent the cars off to an auctioneer, but that involves paying a commission.

Currently Westminster is auctioning an historic 1962 Rover P5 four door saloon - which has only had one lady owner in the last 43 years.

"The engine runs fine but having been dormant for some years, a new battery will be required - though it runs nicely when jump-started. The reverse gear is currently not fuctional," says the eBay listing.

The classic car, which was left in a council car park for six years, has 65,355 miles on the clock and slight lime-scale damage to front, far side, the listing adds.

With two days to go on the auction, the current bidding stands at £1270.

If you were bidding on this lot, email us at editorial@silicon.com and let us know if you were successful. And if it runs.

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