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D-Link DNR-2060-08P JustConnect, First Take: simple, affordable network video recorder

D-Link's network video recorder is aimed at small businesses requiring an IP-based video surveillance system that isn't too complex or expensive.
Written by Kelvyn Taylor, Contributor

Replacing an analogue tape-based video surveillance system with a digital system is not an easy task — particularly for non-technical users, and especially if it involves networking. IP cameras can be notoriously frustrating to configure even for experienced users, lacking the plug-and-play simplicity of analogue systems.

D-Link's JustConnect network video recorder, which has six internal 3.5-inch drive bays, makes it easy to connect up a maximum of eight compatible D-Link IP cameras.
Image: D-Link

The DNR-2060-08P JustConnect from D-Link is intended as a drop-in standalone replacement for existing analogue systems, requiring little or no expertise to configure and manage. It can connect to up to eight compatible D-Link IP cameras — a list is available here (PDF). Third-party cameras are not supported.

Storage is provided by six SATA I/II internal 3.5-inch hard disk bays, plus an eSATA interface for external storage. These are unpopulated, but it takes drives up to 4TB — the compatibility list is here (PDF).

As well as using a web-based interface (above), you can monitor your D-Link video network via the JustConnect+ mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

The unit needs no configuration, making commissioning incredibly simple. Simply connect the IP cameras (it supports PoE), connect the video output (VGA or HDMI), power on the unit and that's it. The DNR-2060-08P JustConnect can be connected to a network if you wish to use the remote Java-based management interface, but otherwise it can be controlled entirely via the front panel push-buttons and VCR-style jog dial. There's a basic remote control supplied, and it also supports a USB keyboard and mouse. It can also be monitored via a JustConnect+ smartphone app for iOS and Android devices.

Sensors can be attached via the eight digital I/O connectors at the rear. The DNR-2060-08P supports video formats up to 1080p, using the H.264 and MJPEG video codecs. It should prove popular with SMBs that need to upgrade their video surveillance systems but are daunted by the perceived complexity and expense of IP surveillance solutions.

D-Link's DNR-2060-08P JustConnect is available now and costs around £800 (ex. VAT).

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