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Delta Sonic Car Wash systems deploys Vyatta

Delta Sonic Car Wash systems deploys Vyatta's network virtualization technology.
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

From time to time, I spend some virtual time with someone using technology developed by one of the suppliers I track. This time, the victim, errr, the person is Matthew Mackes of Delta Sonic Car Wash Systems who has deployed products from Vyatta.

Please introduce your organization and your role at Delta Sonic Car Wash.

I am Matthew Mackes, Network administrator at Delta Sonic Car Wash Systems. Delta Sonic is a family owned Car Wash business that also offers oil changes, gas, and convenience stores. We have 28 locations across NY, PA and IL.

What were you doing that needed this technology?

Securing credit card transaction data from point of sale systems back to HQ for PCI Compliance via IPSec VPN tunnels. We also wanted to segment our network to better manage traffic including VOIP, video and millions of credit card transactions.

What products did you consider before making a selection?

  • Cisco ISRs and ASAs
  • Juniper J Series / NetScreen
  • HP Procurve

Why did you select Vyatta?

Scalability, performance and price. Vyatta didn’t have any of the feature limitations in terms of number of VPN tunnels which means we won’t run into any licensing issues as we grow.  Vyatta’s small appliance (514) was able to give us much higher throughput than the other solutions and with no proprietary hardware or vendor lock-in.  An additional bonus was that Vyatta runs in virtual environments which allowed us to also use Vyatta in our datacenter, much of which is VMs running on Citrix XenServer.

What tangible benefits have you gotten through the use of Vyatta’s product?

Delta Sonic Car Wash Systems is savings of thousands by using Vyatta.

What advice would you offer others facing similar challenges?

Look at Vyatta – it’s a solid product that can solve your problems for a fraction of the price of Cisco and other proprietary vendors.

Who is Vyatta?

Vyatta offers software that provides routing and security in a software-based network OS. Vyatta's goal is to decouple network virtualization technology from the underlying hardware allowing organizations to seledt industry standard systems or in either Citrix XenServer or VMWare virtual or cloud environments. The word "vyatta", by the way, is ancient Sanskrit and means "open."

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