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Do Not Call Register expanded to 8 years

The Australian government will now keep phone numbers on the Do Not Call Register for eight years.
Written by Josh Taylor, Contributor on

The Australian government's list of numbers that telemarketers are not allowed to call will be kept for eight years, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) announced on Tuesday.

The register, which started in 2007, now has over 8.5 million fixed line, fax, and mobile numbers registered that telemarketers must not contact or otherwise risk facing penalties.

Since the launch, Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, Dodo, Westpac, and a number of other companies have all caught the eye of the ACMA over calling numbers on the register, with some ultimately receiving fines and/or warnings.

ACMA chairman Chris Chapman said that extending the period that a number is kept on the register makes it easier for consumers who don't want to be contacted by telemarketers.

"This means that all numbers currently registered will automatically be extended to eight years," he said. "Any new registrations will also be valid for the new period, making life easier for Australians wishing to opt out of telemarketing calls and marketing faxes, long term."

Charities and some public interest organisations are still exempt from the register.

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