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European ad revenues sparking back into life

French figures starting to blossom...
Written by Estelle Dumout, Contributor

French figures starting to blossom...

With almost €200m of advertising cash spent in the first quarter of 2003, the internet is strengthening its position in the top five advertising media in France, but it's still far behind television and the written press. Advertising spend on the net reached €200m over the first three months of the year in France – a rise of 47.4 per cent compared to the same period in 2002. That's the finding of a study carried out by the Internet Advertising Bureau and media monitoring service, TNS Media Intelligence. The research shows that advertisers spent almost €8.1bn across all media in the first quarter, with the internet representing 2.45 per cent of the total market. While it’s a share that might seem small, it's one that's grown massively in comparison with the first quarter of 2002, when internet advertising made up just 1.6 per cent of the total. The sector strengthened its place in fifth position on the ladder of advertising media, leaving the cinema trailing it with €74m spent. Nevertheless, internet advertising still remains far behind the two heavyweights of the written press and television, which attracted €2.8bn and €2.68bn of advertising spend respectively, which in turn are followed by radio and hoardings. Travel agents and tourist offices are the main users of internet advertising. They represent 22.4 per cent of advertising expenditure, behind telecoms with 20.4 per cent and the service sector at 12 per cent, according to TNS Media Intelligence. Estelle Dumout writes for ZDNet France, translated by Jo Best
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