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Eurospot to put Wi-Fi into Travel Inn

High-speed Internet access is becoming as ubiquitous as air-conditioning at British hotels
Written by Graeme Wearden, Contributor
Swisscom Eurospot is set to significantly expand its network of Wi-Fi hot spots across the UK through a deal with Travel Inn.

The agreement, announced on Tuesday, means Swisscom Eurospot will set up a high-speed wireless network in each of Travel Inn's 300 hotels -- covering lobbies and bedrooms -- and business centres. These hot spots should all be built by summer 2004.

This takes the number of Wi-Fi hot spot sites that Swisscom Eurospot has signed up to 1,100, of which 300 are already live.

Travel Inn believes that offering Wi-Fi will help it to attract customers, especially businesspeople.

"The majority of our guests are business travellers and the demand for new technology is ever increasing. This will undoubtedly give us an edge over our competitors," explained Susan Thomas, systems director of Travel Inn.

Several other hotel chains, including the Hilton, Thistle and Queens Moat House groups, have already embraced Wi-Fi.

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