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Facebook mobile: 5m users, 1 month, 2.2bn minutes

UK mobile users over the course of December 2009 spent 2.2 billion minutes on the mobile Facebook site. Is mobile web use finally taking off?
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor on
Mobile web use is on the increase as more and more users spend time away from the traditional desktop computer or broadband connection to access sites through their mobile phones and devices.

The BBC reported that through December alone, 2.2 billion minutes were totalled up from mobile phone users from three of the five major UK phone networks. This also includes just under 5 million unique users to the mobile site, along with over 2.6 billion pages viewed using a mobile device.

This goes to say that Facebook has gone beyond all other websites in the UK, and many parts of the world also, overtaking other social networks, Twitter, major news networks and even Apple's App Store.

The mobile media metrics were released late last week by GSMA and comScore, but only include a few of the main mobile network operators including O2, Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile and 3.

While this time last year I believed the mobile web to be a letdown - a concept brought about as only a filler for those who couldn't access a computer at the time and constructed by poor bandwidth. But as mobile usage has increased and smartphones flooding the market, with one fifth of the UK mobile market being a smartphone, mobile web access is growing at a massive rate.

Do you take advantage of the mobile site? Does it provide less of a distraction than the desktop version? Is mobile web use finally taking off? Leave a thought.

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