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Five years ago: Dan won't change after flotation

Dan Technology last night underlined the reasons behind its intention to float on the stock market
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

First published 19 March, 1997

Gideon Easterman, managing director and founder of the London-based direct sales PC vendor, said the plan was to grow the company in a controlled way. "The reason for floating is expansion and growth; we see it as a natural progression," he said.

Easterman said he wasn't worried that the company's culture would undergo a sea-change: "For every company where that has happened, I can name you an instance where the culture is strengthened."

Easterman also stressed that Dan has no plans for spectacular manoeuvres such as in-house manufacturing or fast-track international sales. "Our aim is not necessarily to be the biggest. We've always grown in a very secure and steady way, and that's the way we'll go on. It's ludicrous in this day and age to manufacture your own motherboards. Elonex has retreated from that."

By coincidence, Dan's neighbour Elonex was the last UK PC vendor to announce plans to float but has since put those intentions on the back-burner.

Dan had £43 million in revenues for its last financial year ending March 31 and currently employs 170 staff.

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